Kamaeru is a cozy farming-sim game in which you breed and collect frogs, decorate your refuge, and restore wetlands in order to grow food and other resources.

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Collect frogs!

When you place furniture in your refuge, frogs tend to appear. Some furniture will attract certain types of frogs!
Place items and keep an eye out to collect them all 🐸

Take pictures!

Use the in-game built-in camera to snap pictures of frogs, and add them to your Frogedex.
You’ll even be able to use them for journaling later ✨

Complete your Frogedex!

The ultimate goal of the game is to collect them all! Take pictures, feed them and breed them to have a chance of meeting every single one of the possible 500 frogs 🐸

Feed your frogs!

Frogs, like any other animal, are very food-motivated. Feed them to gain their trust, so you’ll be able to breed and rename them! 🦗

Breed your tamed frogs!

Once you’ve tamed a frog, you can use Claude’s genetic lab to breed them. Play through a game of tic-tac-toe with Nature to get the rarest frogs!

Restore wetlands!

Your mission as a carbon farmer and frog protector is to restore drained wetlands to their former glory. This will allow you to practice paludiculture, the culture of wetlands!
Dig ponds to let water roam the land again, and plant native wetlands species to generate precious resources 🌾

Craft manufactured goods to sell!

Wetlands produce can have tons of real-life applications! Use them to cook delicious food, craft beautiful baskets, or make cardboard alternatives 📦
You can then sell them to buy even more furniture for your frogs!